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THIS ‘ARTIST TECH RIDER’ (“Agreement”) is made by and entered into between the undersigned [PRESENTER NAME] (hereinafter referred to as “Presenter”) and [ARTIST / BAND NAME] (hereinafter referred to as “Artist”), for the services described in the relevant agreement, and is executed as a binding agreement as of the Effective Date (Presenter and Artist are sometimes herein referred to collectively as the “Parties” or individually as a “Party”). ARTIST(S) REQUIREMENTS ARE AS FOLLOWS:



1)   PRESENTER agrees to provide the following:

(a) Suitable and appropriate hall for the performance of the Artist. Rooms, hallways and stage shall be cleaned to the satisfaction of the Artist or Artist’s representative.

(b) At least [NUMBER] ([#]) separate changing rooms adequate for up to [NUMBER] ([#]) performers.

(c)  Technical staff necessary for set-ups, strikes (including light and stage arrangements), and run of show as specified in technical requirements. Additionally, all facilities shall be staffed as may be necessary for all activities including concession sales, plus staffed for the performances.

(d) Tickets, sales of tickets and all front of house personnel; all advance publicity including announcements, mailings and printed performance programs. Presenters are to return all unused materials immediately after performance.

(e) Access to performance space(s) and crew the entire day of performance, plus adequate rehearsal time preceding performance in the same space and with the same crew, plus a full technical rehearsal prior to the performance. Lighting focus shall be completed in advance of performance.

(f)   Theater / performance space ground plans and instrument / equipment inventory [NUMBER] ([#]) weeks prior to Artist’s arrival; equipment necessary to all or any activities of performance / residency as listed in technical requirements. Details of such needs to be sent with other stage and technical requirements (See TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS).

(g)  A hot meal ([Either: give a description here / “to be determined”]) after sound check on the day of performance for Artist. Also, bottled water for each artist during performance.

(h) A conspicuous location where Artist’s merchandising can be sold, including [NUMBER] ([#]) standard table and [NUMBER] ([#]) chairs.

(i)   Parking spaces, validation or coverage for performers and technical staff, if needed.

(j)   All lodging for performers and technical staff .

(k)  Upon request, a minimum of [NUMBER] ([#]) complimentary tickets to said performance.

2)   ARTIST agrees to provide the following:

(a) Press kits including photographs, articles, reviews and program copy.

(b)  Program copy supplied shall be reproduced in full and exactly as offered to the Presenter in all printed programs. All references to the Artist in paid or unpaid advertising, announcements, house boards, flyers, posters, publicity releases and any other promotional materials for the service(s) above shall be as follows: [NAME OF ARTIST]. The Artist shall have the right to alter the performance program sent to the Presenter at any time up to and including the performance.

(c) Availability for newspaper, magazine, radio and television interviews as desired by Presenter, if logistically feasible.

3)   TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS ( to be furnished by PRESENTER):

(a)  STAGE: Requirements for stage are a minimum of [NUMBER] ([##]) feet wide by [NUMBER] ([##]) feet deep of flat surface, without any obstruction (such as, but not limited to nails, broken floor boards, electrical outlets, poles, wires). All flooring, masking and hanging / circuiting / patching of light plot will be completed before arrival of Artist.

(b) SOUND: Artist carries no sound equipment. Presenter must provide a first class sound system that includes:



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